Thursday, February 23, 2012

Friend Friday: Technology

As Katy followed along all the NYFW posts and tweets it got her  thinking... "so much of what we bloggers do is all about the tools that we use. Technology certainly makes what we do easier, even if it is sometimes a major pain."

1. What are the tools you use to blog?
I use blogger to write my posts. I insert pictures from Picasa web album.  I create my collages in Picasa. I crop my photos in Picasa. Lately I have been labeling my daily photos with where I got each piece using Snagit Editor. I use Snagit when I take screen shots dealing with my runs. I print the tables from Excel to Snagit and crop it down and save it from there. If I have good pictures and want to do something fancy with them then I use Photoshop.

To photograph myself each day I use a Canon Rebel T1i. I use my Canon PowerShot Elph 300HS for all other photos unless I have to use my iPhone to take a photo or two.   I've used a variety of remotes. My current one is Alzo.  Last year I had a Satechi and liked it better, but it bit the dust and it is more expensive now so I am testing a new one.  I also have a cheap one but it doesn't focus. It is better to travel with because it is cheaper so I have less of a fear of breaking it.

I use my desktop to edit my photos.  I never have to hook up my camera to the computer because both cameras have Eye-fi cards and just automatically upload.  I use my desktop or laptop and sometimes my iPad to type the responses.

2. What technology item is on your wish-list?
Last winter I wanted some photography lighting equipment.  When I have to take my daily pictures in before daylight, I hate the harsh shadows.
I also want a better remote but I do not know which one to get so that's the only reason I didn't get it yet.

3. Through the barrage of posts, tweets, pics, poses, messages, etc... how do you avoid becoming a slave to the constant infiltration of information?
The more I read, the more I want to read and see.  The more I look at anything, the more I realize how much is out there and how little I know.  But then I think about it and think about what is really important in life and that I don't need to be up on all the information.

Last January I answered similar questions about this.

What tools do you use to blog?

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