Monday, November 22, 2010

December Workout Goals

In December I need to get back into running to gear up to start my training plan the first week of January.  I also have other fitness goals too.
(Starting November 28 and ending January 1 to have 5 complete weeks)
  1. Perform yoga 7 times. (once a week with 2 weeks having 2)
  2. Attend Body Pump 5 times. 
  3. Lift weights 8 times on my own.
  4. Attend the Body Pump Challenge (held in December sometime)
  5. Attend 5 cardio classes at the gym (Cardio Fusion, Spinning, and/or Body Combat) - averages 1 a week but I have 13 vacation days so I won't be at work a lot and I telecommute so an average of 1 a week is pretty good.
  6. Do 15 ab workouts (chiseled core, P90x core workout that I've never done, or working out on my own)
  7. Quantity: Run 12 times. (that is 2-3 times a week)  - Stretch goal is to run 15 times. 
  8. Duration: Run 44.5 total miles (6 mi, 7.5 mi, 9 mi, 10 mi, 12 mi) That is actually too low to start a marathon training plan but I have not had many weeks in a row with much more mileage so I don't want to get ahead of myself too much.   I would love to have 57 miles (8, 10, 11, 13, 15)
In September, I wrote an exercise summary that shows how little (or how much depending on how you look at it) I work out.

Perhaps those goals are a bit hard to complete all of them.  If it was just running or just lifting, I could do it.  So after further thought, I will be satisfied if I complete 6 of 8 of those but at least 1 of the running ones has to be included.

I also have 7 days to adjust this before November 28 rolls around.  Do you have any suggestions?


  1. I love that you posted your goals. That will be a great way to stay accountable. I have a goal finally becoming a runner instead of just a gym rat, but I've never gotten there.
    Good luck with your goals!
    The Auspicious Life

  2. Documenting goals helps. Posting them to the internet helps with feeling more accountable.

  3. That's a LOT of fitness goals! I like the variety you have listed. After the marathon, I'm looking forward to running less and doing more cross training. I really need to start working on my core now! There's no excuse to skip it.

  4. Also after a run or after yoga or after spinning you can always add a 10 minute core workout.