Friday, August 20, 2010

23 of 30 (August 19)

I figured out a new combination for my khaki skirt. Actually I guessed 2 but Dave told me the one wouldn't go.

I had a fitness assessment before work so I had to go to work in gym clothes. Then I was going to Body Pump after work. That meant I had to get a picture taken at work.   I had to get someone else to take it. She doesn't realize how truly nuts I am so she only took one picture. And look my hair is sticking out onto my back.

2, 30, 13 (first time wearing it), and 8. I also wore my white belt from Target and my black earrings from Target.  This is the first time I wore the belt.  This is maybe only the 3rd time I ever wore a belt over a shirt and under a cardigan. It is really hard because it feels so weird and outside my comfort zone. What do you think of the belt?  I think the shirt is a little long so it throws off all the proportions.

If you look closely you can see the same stain on my skirt as last time and the time before... man I seem gross. I think it might be gone now. I took care of it better after work but in some lighting you can't see it anyway so I have to check again later.  Wow I did not realize the stain was there both times I wore it earlier in this competition. This skirt may have to go...

Wow I am starting to remember what numbers go with what outfit.

I ran 2 miles before Body Pump after work. I was so sweaty and gross then. For the first time in my life, during the chest and triceps tracks, sweat dripped in my eyes. It burns. I don't ever remember that so maybe I never sweat so bad. I hunched over after the tracks to use my shirt to wipe the sweat.  I'm so ladylike.  If I would have known I would sweat that bad, I could have gotten a towel like some people do but I never needed one before.  From the squat track I had sweat puddles on the floor from sweat dripping off my elbows.
I ran 2 miles in 17:22. I did the first half mile slow or so I thought. I guess that's a pretty decent time.

For the fitness assessment, I did worse. I think it's based on what trainer does it.  I had to do push-ups where my chest hits a block. This makes my arms go to less than 90 degrees because my arms are too long.  I only did 57 push-ups in 1 minute. Last time w/o the block I did 66. Last time with the block (October) I did 54. I did 56 crunches. I hate having to put my hands up to my knees because by the end of that minute they are all tingly. I wonder why.  For flexibility I did 33 inches. That's what I did last time. The 2 times before it, I did 32.5.  I stretch all the time but I don't seem to get any better.  My body fat percentage was 20.4. Last time the girl rounded to the whole number and said 20. The last time with this trainer, she wrote 19.6.  So depending on how you look at it, I did worse at everything or I did about the same or maybe I did better.

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