Tuesday, August 31, 2010

26 - 30 summary

Look how bad I suck. I wore the same shirt twice in the 5 day span. I even wore it tucked in both times. I think I've worn this shirt a million times since I got it in 2003 and maybe only wore it tucked in 3 times.

I really love Day 25 and Day 27 that the fact that I sort of love Day 30 means nothing.

Which outfit is your favorite?

I noticed I wore my black shoes way too much so I didn't wear them at all in the final stretch. Go me.

Look I made another collage but with numbers on what day I wore it.  What do you think of this one?


  1. I think I'm torn between 26, 27, and 28. They are my favorites of all of your outfits I think, during the challenge.

  2. I didn't like how the shirt photographed in 27 so I didn't like that one even though before I saw the pictures, I loved it.

    I noted that I liked the outfits near the end of the challenge better. I think it's because I used belts though. I said all along I needed red accessories for my red shoes. I finally got a belt. 4 different belts in 1 week.

    I got asked if I was on a belt kick. I smiled and said "YUP!" because I am now that I have some that work.

  3. The belts really worked out. I think they look awesome on you!

  4. I should make a belt summary to see how I've evolved. I used to wear belts all the time but then the style of shirts became long so then belts didn't work out so well and then I never thought about them again.