Tuesday, August 31, 2010

30 of 30 (August 30) - I'm done

This was the last day of my 30 for 30.
5, 10, 30
I wore my brown belt for the first time. It was from Target about a month ago.
Necklace: Walmart 2009

I wish the skirt didn't have the little buttons. Sometimes that made it awkward  for the belt. Also to get the belt to look good when standing, it would then slide above my skirt in the back when sitting. I couldn't find a happy medium.
I wish I would have had a clear elastic to hold the end of the belt with the other part of the belt.

I do not like any of these pictures. They all seem blurry.

At work a coworker saw me from behind and said how she absolutely loved my outfit. Then I turned around to thank her and she said she really loved it with the belt and necklace.  She mentioned how she's probably my number 1 fan. She went on to say how I can tell she's being honest because I could see it in her eyes.  She seemed like she had such adoration for me. I think she might be about 40 years old.  She is definitely my number 1 fan because I don't think I have any other fans.  Update: I forgot to mention that she said I should be a model part time.

Now that I am done I can make a 25-30 collage, a collage of all 30 days. Collages of each time I wore each article of clothes, update my graph of how many times I wore each thing, and document what I learned along the way.  That may be 1 or 2 posts later.

On my way to work, my car turned over to 30,000 miles. Dave thought I would forget to take a picture. Not only did I get a picture, but I got video of it too. I didn't view the video yet so I hope it's OK.

More happened throughout the day. That will be in another post; I was just too excited to update about my final outfit to wait any longer.


  1. You should get a roll of dress tape. It's great for holding belts in place!

    I love that necklace, btw.

  2. Dress tape seems like work. And also seems scary.

  3. Great outfit! I usually just twist the end of the belt around itself, but then that throws it off-centered (pet peeve). The riding up thing in the back sounds annoying...if my skirt doesn't have belt loops I will sometimes safety pin it in a few places in back to prevent that.

  4. Since it was the first wearing of this belt, I didn't think of all the tricks. Thanks for the safety pin idea. The end of the belt didn't get in the way until 80% of the way through the day. I think because it was new it was better in the morning so I didn't think about things.

    I thought it was skirt dependent because sometimes when I sat my shirt came untucked too. I forgot my former trick of making sure I wear pantyhose (because I always used to) and then tucking my shirt into that.