Thursday, February 9, 2012

2.6 - Allergy shot

I wore an outfit I planned out on Sunday!  I was going to wear a skirt but my house was freezing so I wanted pants and socks up to my knees.

I got to work bright and early because I had to leave for an allergy shot at the end of the day and needed to get work in. Good thing too because I forgot I had a 7:30 AM meeting.  Bad thing is the guy didn't show up for it.  Note: Don't accidentally hit eject and sleep. Nothing good comes of it. You just want to hit eject.

I went and got my allergy shot and they were only 30 minutes late today. It's funny how 30 minutes wasn't long at all. They are ruining me. 30 minutes should NOT be acceptable to wait to get a shot.  The guy who gave me the shot did it in a unique way. He started a 8 inches away and said "alright you'll feel a pinch" and then he just moved his hand over to jab me with the needle. 8 inches was too far to move. His hand picked up too much speed. It hurt worse than any shot I ever got. I have trouble moving my arm now.  Also because I took 3 months to get an allergy shot instead of 4 weeks, my allergies seem way worse when I get the shot.  Well it could also be that the guy should have done the same dosage or backed down but he increased.

Since that only took 45 minutes instead of the 70 minutes I was prepared for, I had time to kill before picking Dave up.  I was going to go back into work, but realized it would take 20-30 minutes for my computer to start working and I only had about 20 minutes to kill. So I went to Famous Footwear and bought replacement shooties that I can wear with socks and just slip them on and off. Too bad these ones cost me $70 and my old ones cost me $5. I've been looking for replacements for 1.5 years so I figured I better pay $70.  They were on sale from $85. (For those of you that don't know what shooties are. I didn't know either. They are little boots but shoes. They are boots but don't go up your leg and stop at the ankle. I just made up the written definition but based on the pictures that's what they are.)

After I picked up Dave we headed to pick up his car. I complained saying we should have had dinner first. Traffic was awful.  So then we went to Monte Cello's, where I had more fried zuccchini left on the plate after I was done eating than you normally get at a restaurant. We also got an 8 cut pizza. We should have gotten a 4 cut. Now we have leftovers.  We got the car and headed home.
I felt like I was ready for bed but it wasn't even 8am so I decided to finally compare some running numbers. I looked at all the data that I put in one file from each time I ran with Jen.  Last time we ran was the best.  One other time we had 10:04 pace but for 4.5 miles and then we had 10:07 once.  All the rest were slower.  It is fun to see it all in one place.

I wanted to workout but with my arm pain I figure I shouldn't. I could use the exercise bike but I'm even afraid all the moving of biking will make my arm hurt even worse than it does now.  Looks like I'll have another rest day. 2 days out of 3. Ugh
I made my shadow box of 2011 races and medals. I tried to squeeze in as many pictures as I could. (The picture looks odd because it is in a white frame on a white desk.)


  1. I love the shadowbox!

    Also, as I mentioned before, I love this outfit. If I were shaped less like a beluga these days, I would definitely wear something like this. Instead, I'll continue to live vicariously through you. Looks awesome!

  2. Thanks! I was worried I cluttered up my shadow box. I will have to hang it on the wall next to mine from 2010 and take a picture.

    You can pick out more outfits you like and I'll wear them so you can live vicariously through me more!