Tuesday, February 14, 2012

2.8 - Telecommuting

Since I was able to telecommute today, I was working by 6:45. I was going to run once it got daylight but it took a little while for me to stop what I was doing and go out and run.  I ran 3 miles and got back to my work computer before 9.

I worked. I worked through lunch.  I spent 45 minutes eating a salad and working that I finally put it back in the fridge. (picture of salad above is after 45 minutes of eating.) I worked until 5:20 and hurried and snacked a bit before heading to Body Pump.

My right arm is still a little sore from the allergy shot on Monday. I still handled Body Pump just fine.  We mixed up old releases and it was a lot easier.

After Body Pump, it was time for actual dinner and we watched MSNBC.  Then we watched Kitchen Nightmares.  I wanted to go to bed after that but I logged back in to work to work a little. I just wanted to take care of some emails.

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