Friday, August 27, 2010

28 of 30 (August 26)

The end of this challenge is near. I need a new challenge to make me remember to take my daily pictures and to arrive at some goal. I was thinking of trying to wear everything in my closet. Allowing repeats of pants but with a different shirt or vice versa and see how far I get. But I also thought I should try to just wear all the summery stuff before the end of summer.  I keep thinking about what to wear the day after this challenge ends. I have no idea.  But more importantly, what should I wear for the last day of the challenge? I feel like it should be good.

6, 7, 13, 26
It's hard to tell but the shoes are purple. I wish this pink cardigan did not shrink. I fear the belt looked bad from the back.

I just wasn't feeling it when I got home at 10:15 PM so I only took 1 picture.  Jen took a few while we were out so maybe I can get those from her at some point.

My day started with my alarm going off super early and I didn't know why. Then I remembered; I set it for that time in order to get to body pump on-time.

I had a somewhat busy day at work, but I did get to eat lunch with Dave and have a smoothie with Jen.

I left to go to the NA-YGN picnic around 4:30. I got down to the Double Wide fairly easily but then I waited to get gas for about 10 minutes. That was super annoying. I couldn't handle the stress of parallel parking so I just parked in a garage 1 block further away.
I didn't like the picnic that much. They didn't have enough food.

Then Jen, Chad, and I went to Fuddruckers. We were less than 15 minutes away so I talked them into going, plus it was closer to where they were headed anyway.  Well it would have been a ton better if I didn't already have french fries for 2 meals that day and if I didn't already eat dinner. I just got a large order of fries and used their cheese sauce.  It wasn't quite as good as I remembered.  Jen commented that it was like 5 guys there but better. The liquid cheese makes Fuddruckers a million times better than 5 guys.
As soon as I get home, Dave said it was time for bed so we didn't watch TV together. Poly sure had to try to be the center of everything I was doing while getting ready for bed.

I ended up staying up later because Dave asked if I read an email he sent me. It was full of numbers and our projected savings account balance over the next few years and another tab was how much tuition Dave will have to pay back Westinghouse for if he leaves at certain periods of time.  It was a fun file to look at. It was 30 minutes of wonderfulness.  I'm a bit disappointed that Dave doesn't want to get a patio because he wants to save up to $13,000 for paying back work.

I did some KenKen in bed but fell asleep mid-puzzle.


  1. I am kind of glad I didn't go to the "picnic". I went and saw my family instead. It was nice.

    I told John I think that people read your blog more because you have more stuff and a lot more pictures.

  2. The pictures are a positive. Dave said the posts without pictures were boring. I try to have some sort of picture with each. some people just skim the pictures and don't read though but they are looking at something :)