Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Nude Pumps - How readers wore them

Ashley Getting Dressed, A Working Mom's Closet, and Fashion Momma all wore nude pumps

Previously I wrote how I wore nude pumps but based on seeing these and seeing other bloggers, I have a few more things I learned.

  • You can wear nude pumps with WHITE!
  • Sapphire and black look great with nude pumps (and I wear sapphire and black)
  • I want to wear khaki and light pink... OK that isn't about nude pumps but it could be
What is your favorite part about a nude pump?


  1. Very nice! These ladies look great. My favorite part of a nude pump is that it makes your legs look super looooong.

  2. Angeline, I never really thought of that reason. I like it because shoes can make or break and outfit and sometimes the black or brown shoes I have just don't go with a certain outfit.

  3. My favorite part of the nude pump is that it goes with EVERYTHING. Every.single.thing.

  4. I love nude pumps just because they are awesome. I have purple, red, brown, black, and SEVERAL different nude pumps. And one pair of nude boots. But that's a horse of a different color...or something!!!! Nude pumps can be worn in the summer when you don't want to weigh your pantyhose (or bare legs for those people that aren't as WHITE as I am) down with a heavy colored pump. Nude works well with white because very few people can pull off a white pump without looking like a candy striper or something. Also...they're fun...and cute...and just PERFECT!

    I came here via A Working Mom's Closet!!

  5. Charisse. Those are awesome reasons. I need to see your nude boots.

  6. My fave part of a nude pump is that it looks so feminine! I just did a post wearing mine. I invite you to stop by & visit @