Sunday, April 17, 2011

Color Rotation Round 3

Now I've been done for over a week but got very behind in posting.
This is the 3rd run through of all the colors. You can see round 1here and round 2 here.
I wore the blue outfit before but this time with a different necklace and adding a belt. I like this way better.  You can also see the detail of the back of the skirt on that old post.
For some reason green is my favorite.  I really like a few other ones.  Pink is my lease favorite because I've done that before. I've done the exact combination with the purple dress before but all other combinations are new in some way.  I have worn the gold sweater before with that same combination but previous times I have belted the cardigan so this was new.

Which is your favorite?
What is one thing you would change up to remix it next time? (I'm looking for ideas.)


  1. I started off doing really well with this, but had to stop for a while because of spring break (aka, limited clothes!) and ridiculous weather. By the time things returned to normal, I had totally lost track of what color we were on, so I kind of gave up ;) I kept going with colors, though — I stuck with color-focused outfits for at least 2 weeks straight, a change from my neutral-loving habits. This week, I went with black three days in a row and felt uncomfortable! I can't quit color now. Thanks for the welcome change! Will definitely do this again — we should do one mid-summer, when the weather's consistently nice.

  2. GM. Thanks for your comments. I saw your tweet earlier. I'm glad at least one person enjoyed this challenge.