Monday, February 6, 2012


I never know what to wear with these pants.  I want to hem these pants 1 inch. I am lazy though. The current hem inside is 2 inches so that poses a problem.
Poly wanted in my daily picture.
I worked.
I went and ran .75 miles on the treadmill, did body pump, then ran 2 more miles.  Then it was back to work.
I came home to eat a Chick-fil-a salad while watching The Biggest Loser.  It was over and I was still eating so I watched 90210.  Then I continued to watch 90210 until 4am. Ooops. Those 8 episodes were good.  Just as the last episode was ending, Poly climbed up on my lap. She was so cute, I didn't want to get up.


  1. You could wear anything with those pants! They're basically a neutral, so any color, and you can layer cardigans or jackets or a tee with a button-up on top. I do agree they're a tad long. :)

  2. Saying "anything" doesn't help me because I could find something that doesn't work. Then I fear everything doesn't work.

  3. If you have time to put on pants that don't fit right, you have time to fix them so they fit right.

    Maybe wear those pants with jewel tones. I read a lot about jewel tones these days.

    Maybe you would like Pinterest.

  4. Fixing pants is hard work. It took me like 2 hours to hem pb's pants right.

    I have Pinterest but I just read blogs and pin stuff I never actually just search pinterest like other people say they do.