Saturday, February 18, 2012


I wanted to run 15 miles but it was just too cold to do it outside.  I was supposed to meet a bunch of people to run but most canceled. I didn't go. 1 still went.  I ended up going to the treadmill to run.  I only ran 5 miles instead of 15.  It is hard to keep running on a treadmill. It is far too hot. My hip started hurting.  I decided I shouldn't push it and didn't keep going.

My stomach hurt after the run and all day so I just watched TV and napped. I watched some Lifetime movies too.


  1. Going back through your photo collages makes me wonder how many different afghans yinz have.

  2. Blues/White one (shown above) is from Goodwill and my grandma bought it for me
    Then 3 that my mom made all the same style. One tannish one is shown in the bottom row and that one was a birthday gift for Dave. It is extra long to cover his feet and up to his face. Then I have a blue one similar but "normal" length that I got in college. Then I have a lighter cream one that is even shorter but I think a standard length but we are just too tall so my mom made all other afghans after that longer.
    We use those 4 daily. I have one under my covers, 2 in the family room (1 for me 1 for Dave), and then Dave has 1 in the living room when he reads (and he reads daily).

  3. Heck. Well that's quite a stockpile.

  4. I only got the light colored one because my mom got new couches and thought it wouldn't match so she offered it to me. I took it before she could change her mind. (I think it would have matched too.) I also have blankets that aren't afghans. Dave uses one daily in his office because he is often cold now. The other one is used when he is reading on the other couch in the living room. We also have other blankets in the closet. We have enough blankets for 5 or more guests.

  5. I think I have exactly zero afghans, now. I had some in college, but none now. To me, they are scratchy and drafty compared to blankets, so if they don't have sentimental value to me, I end up putting them in a closet (in this case, the closet at my mammal's). So all blankets, here. Luckily I have that camper, because there wasn't even space for them all in this tiny house. That's alright, though, because any time I've used the camper I've wished for more blankets.