Sunday, February 12, 2012


First Poly tried to sabotage me by lying on my clothes when I was getting dressed.  Then she ran downstairs and climbed up my leg just as my first daily picture was snapping.   I picked her up and we took a few pictures.  Then I put her down and she didn't end up moving. I didn't pay attention to that and thought she left.  So then we took some more pictures together.  Poly has started running downstairs when she hears me turn on my camera.  She's so cute.
I was at work early because I had to leave at 4 for a dentist appointment.  This was my final appointment.  I got the permanent crown for my tooth that had the root canal.  When I was leaving work, the guard talked to me about working out.

When I was at the dentist, he commented that I'm always dressed spiffy. I commented that I always do for work. He said he was hoping I was home and I just dressed spiffy to come in and see him.   I ended up getting 3 total X-rays at this appointment. I can't remember if I got any the last time. I got 2 or 3 the day of the Root Canal. I got 2 the day they were "fixing" my filling.  I got 1 the day of my filling.  I got 1 the day of my checkup.  I think that is too many x-rays for one person.

After dinner, I did a slow 20 minutes on the exercise bike. I was going to do abs and weights but figured I should just boot up my work computer and get to working.    I worked for 3 hours. If I was spending the time to boot up my computer, I figured it might as well be for as long as possible.  I only stopped working when Dave came to bed and made me stop typing.  If only productivity could be measured by things that don't mean anything because I went through so many emails and finally go my inbox to end with a lower number than I started with.


  1. Is that a tunic?

    6 x-rays probably is too much for one person. Maybe he wants to treat you for jaw cancer next.

  2. I thought tunic was something that goes down to your butt so then this does not. Like tunic would be longer than a short and shorter than a dress. But I made up that definition based on context clues when others talk about tunics so I don't know.

    I think they just want to charge me a boatload of money. I hate them.

  3. That dentist is a shameless flirt.

    Also: haha Poly.

  4. The first time I met the dentist he did my checkup and Dave's one right after the other. At least when he flirts he's being nice. The last dentist at this place didn't seem to care about my TMJ and my jaw just hurt so bad after.

    Poly is a cutey and is so funny.

  5. Yeah. Nice flirts trump creepy flirts every time.

    I like all the Poly pictures. It probably helps that I am the dog equivalent of a crazy cat lady, and can never peep enough pets.