Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Day's Worth of Twitter

08:58:29 AM - I got to work at 7 and my computer is finally working at 8:58. Sucks.
05:38:10 PM - I'm so tired. Today I ate a Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal bar, chocolate chip cookie, and TONS of cheeze itz. Not satisfied. Want real food.
08:06:45 PM - @reedaboutme that is no fun. I've been there. You lose weight from running?
08:22:21 PM - @reedaboutme that's what happened to me. Dropped 2 sizes. But overall I lost 3 total lbs by the end. Gained it and the sizes back later tho
09:37:06 PM - my allergies are awful or my cold is awful. Either way it's awful.
09:37:55 PM - On the bright side I did run 3.25 mi today in 28:07 (8:39 pace) on the treadmill. But I wanted to run 5 miles. it was hard today.
09:38:20 PM - @reedaboutme slimming down is better than the lbs.
09:39:17 PM - @RestonStyle I ran 9.0 mph on the treadmill today based on your comment. Usually 8.0 is fastest. I didn't do much at 9.0 though. 3 min total

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