Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Day's Worth of Twitter

12:37:22 AM - Poor Poly tried to go from my leg to the chair but the chair spun on her. She got scared.
01:08:46 AM - I want to get up but Poly is asleep on my lap and I ditched her all day. I'm too nice
01:19:58 AM - I took 200 pics today. About 4 looks ok. I need to figure out the best way to take pics of people outdoor skating in the dark while snowing.
02:01:06 AM - I meant to go to sleep 2 hours ago.
02:07:47 AM - @lisafilipek I can't watch now but emailed myself the tweet so I don't forget.
02:10:54 AM - @TheNewChrissy to me they are just another excuse to get pictures. To others? I think for save the date cards.
02:12:19 AM - @DaizyCh @lisafilipek we did the same with Monroeville McD's
08:55:38 AM - @DaizyCh I watched it. I saw that the day it was on.
08:58:58 AM - I wanted to run but it is White outside. That's too dangerous for my blood. Maybe later tonight I will drive to the gym to use a treadmill.
11:49:11 AM - I finally uploaded the rest of June to my calendar site. I had to download the pics form picasa and crop.
10:17:44 PM - oh no I just realized I had 2 rest days in a row. Should I get out of bed and workout so I don't have today as a rest day?

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