Wednesday, August 11, 2010

17 of 30 (August 11)

4, 8, 18, 26
Belt: Target, $16.99, Purchased August 8, 2010 (I really need to make a clothes inventory like I used to have. It is hard to memorize dates and prices along with stores of everything I buy.)

I worked out this morning and so I had to get dressed at the gym. I brought 2 belts with me because I was unsure which one would work the best.  There were too many people in the locker room so I didn't even look in the mirror to see what this belt looked like.  I didn't see what I looked like until I got home from work. That was slightly scary.  Also I don't normally wear a belt. It's a new accessory for me. I had no clue if I was pulling it off or not. I think the belt probably looked better before I pigged out on dinner too.

Pants from VS, Shirt from Ann Taylor Loft, Cardigan from Kohl's, Belt from Target, Shoes from Macy's.  I have on a variety today. I had a necklace to put on but forgot and it was in my purse all day.

I have to figure out what to wear tomorrow. What should I wear tomorrow or Friday?

Today at work I had a cereal bar for breakfast. I bought french fries with cheese for lunch. For a snack I had a smoothie. For dinner I had pizza hut. I'm hungry now but I am not in the mood for a single thing of food in this house.

I went to Cardio Fusion this morning. It was the first time I went to that. I thought it was pretty intense. I think it was harder than running. Too bad I didn't upload my gowear fit numbers to see how many calories I burned compared to how many I do during running.

I took down my critical task sign at work and I got a lot of interruptions. I wish I would have left it up. I only got to spend a few minutes doing the work that I actually was trying to do all day. Interruptions are hard to deal with.   I also ended up doing the metrics that I used to do. I was told I would not be doing them anymore. I should not have been doing them for the past few months. Finally I was promised I wouldn't do them anymore. Then a replacement was named. I tried to train the replacement. He informs everyone that he is only the replacement for half of them. I do the other half to just get them done.  Then I get yelled at by my manager asking why I did what I did.  Then all my permissions were transitioned to the new person.  Well today I get yelled at by another manager for not doing them.  We go over to talk to my replacement and he is a jerk at responding saying he's not even supposed to do any of them.   They need to be done and I just did them instead of arguing and I had to email the files to someone else to upload them. These metrics have been going on for 14 months and they have been a battle each and every month since the start of them. Everyone probably knows this so that's why nobody will take them over.  It makes me very angry. It wastes so much time dealing with people about doing them. They are for a group that I have not been in since April 1. I don't understand why nobody can do it who is currently in the group.

My black shoes are throwing off the rest of the numbers.  I just have 1 shirt that needs to be worn to have worn everything at least once. Perhaps I should color code the graph so we know which ones are shoes, skirts, pants, shirts, and dresses. 

For those keeping track, the washer leaked today. The hornets' nest on the side of the house still has hornets going in and out of it even though I sprayed it twice. It was a different spray than I used on the front of the house, but this is right on the electric box so we bought a special one for that. I guess it didn't work.  Chad even volunteered to come remove the nests for us if they were dead.  I'm still indecisive if I should pay the bug guy or not. I don't want to have to deal with the stuff myself. I hate that Dave won't deal with it. I hate that he tries to claim he puts me in charge. He's the one that's here during the day so he should schedule appointments around his meetings. It's all very annoying.

Update: Tomorrow = purple dress, pink cardigan, purple shoes, possible accessories if I remember to pack them for after the gym.