Sunday, August 29, 2010

Saturday, August 29 - Poly + Nap + Picnic

I was going to start my day out with a run. Of course, I am awful and didn't actually go run. I wasted 3 hours at my computer instead.  A lot of that wasted time was spent with Poly.  She even marked some of the blog posts in reader as read. I didn't appreciate that.  She learned how to get her ponytail holder out from under my keyboard. It was hard to get a picture of that because she moves so quickly. 

She dove to get her ponytail at one point and my hand got in the way of her claws.  I got 2 little scratches but they are more like a gouge.  

Dave decided it was time to cut her nails.  She did not appreciate it and squirmed so we didn't end up doing it. 

Later we actually did and Dave held her down on the bed. We only did her front paws. She hid under the bed after.   See below for photos of a lot of this. 

Around 11:30 it was time for lunch. I had leftover cut spaghetti.  This stuff is the best. I love eating it with a spoon. It's great with meat sauce. With the spoon, the meat doesn't end up on the plate.
 Kitty wanted to explore the cabinets.
 She then decided to just observe from up there.
 After her adventures in the kitchen, she hung out with me on my chair.

 Then it was back to the computer room.   She follows me every where.
I ended up looking at facebook and the evolution ended up at a profile picture of a former coworker's wife. Apparently husband and wife were both commenting while in the same room. Then they brought up a couple they know who got engaged via AIM. That has to be me! I mean who else could they know that the same thing happened.  I'm surprised the wife said that; I only met her twice.

I did laundry. I did the light load and the washer did not leak at all. I was shocked. I thought maybe the cleaning thing we did actually helped. I did a 2nd load. The washer leaked this time though. 
While the second load was in the dryer I got tired and decided to rest my eyes.  I set my timer for 31 minutes so I wouldn't sleep long. That went off and I wanted more sleep so I set it for 21 more.  That wasn't enough so I just went back to sleep. I figured I couldn't sleep that much longer.  I was wrong. I slept a few minutes shy of 2 hours.

I woke up checked the clock and knew I'd be late.  I still had to fold clothes and shower.  I'm surprised the clothes weren't more wrinkled.
I was super quick at getting ready.  I almost wore jeans but I remember how I got a hard time about wearing jeans to a picnic a year ago so I did not wear jeans and wore a skirt. It's an old skirt. It's from when I was in college.  It's a size 7. Now I buy even numbers instead of juniors sizes.  I'm surprised how short it is. It didn't feel that short when I looked in the mirror or when I was out wearing it.  I'm glad I didn't look at the pictures first or I might have changed my outfit. Also I am so pale. You can tell I have a tan line on my left arm if you know where to look.

(Excuse the picture. After 15 uploads that one actually uploaded the most. I don't know what the problem is with uploads lately)

Shirt: Express- February 2010
Skirt: Unionbay (I think it was from JCP) and sometime before 2005.
Shoes: Kohl's - Summer 2010
Necklace: Target

So I was late.  I was close to not being late but still late.  I got there at 4:07. I was told to get there between 3 and 4.   The picnic was at Sarah's. I didn't know who else would be there. I was surprised at some of the people.  It was a nice time.  I ended up staying until 11:50!

We sat and talked. Some played cornhole. We ate, We talked. We sat by a bonfire.

To bad Dave refuses to leave the house and won't go to anything. He would have never stayed almost 6 hours though.

I left at the same time as another couple. We were the last to leave. The next to the last couple left maybe an hour or 2 before that. I think there might have been 10 total people.  Two people came much later than me but everyone knew they'd be late.

I learned a few interesting things while I was there. I got to see a picture of Sarah in her wedding dress. It was beautiful. Usually I don't like strapless but this was awesome.

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