Friday, February 24, 2012

2.10 - Skate Party

Poly tried to camouflage herself with my bags so I would take her with me.
I got to work early and was one of the last ones there.  I left close to 5:30 to head to our NA-YGN Skate Party
We got some good pictures at the party.
I got some pictures of people skating but most turned out bad.  I don't know how to work my camera well enough when it is dark and people are moving and with people so far away.  I guess I should learn how to work the camera and practice a little more. I guess if I went to Schenley park more than once a year maybe I'd remember what settings I used by the end. 
I left a bit after 11:30.  I got home and should have gone right to bed but I did not.
The pictures of my car are what my car looked like when I got home. It was full of leftover stuff that needs to be given to someone else in charge of other events for NA-YGN.

Then after that, I loaded all my pictures and started making collages. I ended up staying up far too late.   I just got too into trying to finish the collages and lighten some of the pictures. Also Poly had my arm so I only had one arm to work with.

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