Wednesday, August 4, 2010

13 of 30 (August 4)

4, 7, 23
This is the 2nd time I wore the dress as part of a challenge.
The dress and cardigan are from the juniors department at Kohl's. Both are size medium. The Cardigan shrunk a lot.
Necklace from Charlotte Russe and the bracelet is also from there.  Good thing I didn't look at the pictures this morning. This necklace is way too big for something that I like and it makes me scared that I wore it.
The pantyhose are new Leggs' pantyhose and they are awful. They are too short for me. They are the same size as all my old ones and the same brand and the old ones were great but I wear skirts so much that I ended up ruining my couple pairs.

This morning around 7:30 I was told my dress looked cute.
A few minutes later on my way to the ladies room someone else told me my outfit looked pretty.
Later someone told me they liked my necklace and I looked pretty.
Then even later someone else said they liked my dress.

If work wasn't so awful, all those compliments would have made my week.

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  1. That really is a great dress, and I love how you mixed in pink and blues.

  2. Thanks. I was scared to mix the pink and blue. That was way out of my comfort zone. I didn't even know if they really went together.
    I thought if i had pink or blue shoes then I could have tied it together more.

    This 30 for 30 challenge leads me to learn that I want a lot more accessories but I think because I am checking out so many blogs now that I didn't know existed and I see such great things.