Friday, February 11, 2011

Why I remix

Other bloggers seem to be posting about why they remix or even featuring other bloggers showcasing why a lot of people remix.  I thought I should share the reasons I remix.
  • I remix so that I quit wearing the same shirt with the same skirt every time I wear them. (example: Khaki skirt and blue 3/4 sleeve top)
  • I remix so that I can realize that I do not need more clothes and I just need to use what I have.
  • I remix so that try and use my creativity to see what I can come up with.
  • Clothes are designed to be worn so the more possibilities to get a wear out of an article of clothing the better.
  • I like to consider my clothes based on $ per wearing and I do not want the amount to be over a dollar so I have to keep at it.
  • I can figure out how to wear things that are 3-4 years old and still make them appear to be the current style.
  • One good quality product can last years and go with a million things if you just think about it.
  • A new creation can be a pleasant surprise.
  • Remixing makes getting dressed in the morning more interesting. (Remixing challenges are even more exciting.)
  • Thinking about remixing and looking at other bloggers remixing just makes me feel like my life is a little less boring.
Now I never think that I need to avoid the same combination I wore in the past. I mean it is good to branch out but why limit yourself. I want to remix but also want to wear each article of clothing as many times as possible. I have a lot of clothes. I tend to keep things that I haven't worn in 10 years. I need to quit doing this.  It is a process. I have branched out more lately, but I need to do more to really clean out my closet. 

Why do you remix? Why do you participate in fashion challenges? 


  1. there's nothing wrong with a lot of solids! haha, I hardly wear any patterns at all!

    I think Katy just picked a few bloggers who she felt usually wear a lot of color - I'm not really sure. She just emailed a few of us and asked if we'd like to participate.

  2. I hardly wear any patterns at all but when I do it find it so much easier to match my clothes. I just hate 90% of the patterns in stores I think. Seeing patterns on a rack is different than on me. Maybe sometimes I just need to try on a bunch of stuff.

  3. You're no alone, I need to clean out my closet too!

  4. A, There should be a national clean out closet day or something so that we all just go and clean out our closets.

  5. Aside from certain color combinations, I can generally choose anything from my wardrobe and wear it with anything else, but I tend to think this is much easier for men.

  6. I love it! So glad you posted this, Colleen.

  7. Thanks Kendi. You sure are quick at seeing my comment on your blog.

  8. Kionon, I do think it is easier for guys. I also think it is easier for people who consistently only wear things that go with black or only wear things that go with earth tones. About 4 years ago I could just practically grab anything but then I wanted to incorporate more brown and I was getting sick of black.