Sunday, February 27, 2011

BodyMedia Fit - 1 year after it started

I got my GoWear fit in October 2009.  I used to document all my food that I actually consumed.  It was the best gift I ever got. (I mean I could have gotten the display as a gift but I didn't)
Exactly 1 year later, I altered some of my goals and GoWear fit had become BodyMedia Fit somewhere along the way.  I gained a couple pounds so I wanted to lose those couple pounds. I  made my calorie consumption goal the average of what it had been for the previous 6 months or so.  The week above I only documented my food 5 out of 14 days so it is most likely way off.

People often ask how I would exercise so much and I would say it is because I slept less. It is funny that my exercise average did go up and my sleep duration went down.  I'm surprised my steps increased because I took off the entire month of running in 2010 due to knee pain.

My calorie burn average was remarkably close but my exercise breakdown was not. My goal is to always increase my vigorous activity duration each day. I only ever hit vigorous activity during a run and for part of Body Combat. I rarely hit it any other time.  I'm not sure about everyone else but sometimes sweat is dripping off of me and I feel like I'm going to die and I check my numbers and I only had 3 minutes of vigorous activity during the 45 minute spin class.

I think everyone should own a BodyMedia Fit. It works. You have to document your calories or you will be off. I have found that you think you are eating fewer calories than you really do.

How do you currently keep track of your calories? your exercise?

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  1. I actually really try not to keep track of calories. I can't handle the numbers, first off, and I hate worrying about what I'm eating. If I feel like I'm eating too much, then I'll slip into kind of punishing myself by not eating for large parts of my day.

    As far as exercise, I don't exercise enough to keep track of it. I keep trying, but I just hate it so much.