Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 14 - Valentine's Day

I wore red and purple. The purple should have been bright or the red less bright but oh well.  Do you like red and purple together? Why or why not?
Shoes: Famous Footwear
Shirt: NY&Co
Belt: Target
Skirt: Express
Necklace: Sears
Purse: Target
Jacket: NY&Co.

I have been wearing the coat and the purse all week. I don't even like red and purple together and then my purse/coat went and matched my outfit.
So does anyone else look like their ankles/legs are caving in on their arches in pictures when they wear flats?  I didn't put the worst ones that I took. Above isn't so bad but this is almost 100% natural. I was trying to stand straight so I was trying to correct how I stand. I should do some research as to why people have flat feet. I want to know how to make me not look stupid in flats. I never realized why I hated how I looked in flats so much until this past week when I wore them a few times a took a lot of pictures.
I used a color wheel again.
I skipped the gym and went to Target with my husband. Then we went to Lone Star. Dave got steak. I got chicken.
This was my third loaf of bread yum.
I decided since it was a holiday that I could listen to the training plan and have Monday be a rest day. Sunday was supposed to be 10 miles and I ran 5 but I still listened to the rest day part.


  1. I love this outfit.

    My ankles do that in flats, too. I try to ignore it, or wear flats with a slight wedge heel, which helps.

  2. You look beautiful! I love red and purple together, I just think they look nice.

    I don't think your feet look weird in flats at all!

  3. Brie, my ankles feel like they are caving in. It got a lot better with orthotics. I used to feel like it was caving in but didn't realize how my ankles looked until I started wearing more skirts.

    Melissa, do you pay attention to shades of purple and shades of red or do they just mostly go together?