Friday, February 4, 2011

Training Plan - Week 4

This is the worst week yet. I think this is the worst week of any training plan ever.
I ran Sunday which was technically week three of the training plan. Then I ran Thursday.  I did not even workout on the other days. Luckily tomorrow I will be running with Christina at North Park.

My treadmill run on Thursday was 3.0 miles.
for an average of 9:31 and a total of 28:34.  I did stop every .5 or .75. A few times my stomach really churned. Nachos and cheese and a hot dog were probably not the best lunch.

Mileage so far:
Week 1: 2.2
Week 2: 7.64
Week 3: 6.8
Week 4 (partial week): 3.3

The training plan doesn't list lifting weights so I cut that back so that I could run more.  The problem is that I did not run more.  I used to do Body Pump 2 days a week and sometimes lift a third day.  Now I am at 0 or 1 day a week for pump.  I WILL get back into the swing of things next week. I just have to figure out what the swing of things is.  Next week should be a 21 mile week. I've been so behind that I'll be happy with 12 miles.

How do you keep on track with your workouts?

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