Sunday, January 23, 2011

Outfit Planning

Brie came over and remixed my closet to show me new outfits to wear since I'm in a rut of the same stuff and I say I can't match.  We worked with things that I only wear a couple things with.    She came and did this on January 16 instead of us going for our walk.
My Athleta Skirt that I've never worn
Pants I haven't worn in 4 years and still may not wear
My planned outfit for January 24
A third shirt color for this skirt. yay
The start of lots of choices
More choices
Already wore this on January 17
Way too many options
I tried some things on
Tonight I got some stuff out and took more pictures so I can easily scroll through my album and see the outfits. Some pictures showed 3 tops and 3 bottoms and that left too much to my imagination and I couldn't just pick the outfit from the picture and then file the picture.
This skirt gives me lots of trouble. I always swear I can't match it. I did wear it twice.  Sometimes it looks more gray and sometimes it looks more brown. Therefore, I was confused.
I wore this skirt today because after getting shirts out individually, I couldn't believe how it matches so many things.  It is definitely going in my 30 for 30 to force myself to actually wear it.  I just need to figure out what else to include now. I really wish I had nude shoes. I'm still wanting them badly. Why can't I ever find them in a store around here?

Here's how I wore it before... only twice in about 11 months.
March 10 and April 22. I wore the blue sweater because Brie told me that color would go when I bought it. I wore the green because I think I emailed her and she told me another color that would go.

Don't you all wish you had a friend like Brie to come over and help?  There are people that actually do this for their job and charge for it.

Brie, thank you for helping me.

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