Thursday, January 10, 2013

2012 in Review

My friend, Jen, did a 2012 in Review post and I liked it, so I decided to do one.
In January, I had a Christmas party with my friends.  I got my first root canal. The tooth was fine until the dentist claimed it needed to be filled. When he did that, he ruined my tooth and I'd be in so much pain. The root canal helped though. I blogged about how I blog for me. I fell down trying to get up my snowy driveway and then had Dave take my picture. I made a post on life and things I wanted to do to better myself and I still haven't done them. I also ran 2 5ks.
In February, I toured Beaver Valley. My hip and knee also started hurting just like they did in Spring 2011. I was told by a physical therapist to rest and I said that wasn't going to happen because I had a 20 mile race that weekend. He told me I had Trochanteric Bursitis. I also ended up running the 20 mile race. I was going to stop at 10 miles and then stop at 15 miles but I ran it all.  I even ran the following day.
After laps 2, 3, 4, and 6
In March, I ran a 50k. Man that was so exciting. Now looking back, I find it even more impressive. I didn't train like I should have and I still did it.  And I was still injured during it all. Then a few weeks later I did a 30k. I did so much better than in 2011.  I also bought my first pairs of skinny jeans. (This may not seem like a big deal but it was for me.) I also took race photos at a race since I was running so many races and didn't want to run yet another. Some people even complimented me. One person thanked me on her blog. The race director actually emailed me asking if I could take photos again this year.
In April, my stress and weight loss started.  Dave and I traveled to California for Dave to interview at Google. Jen and I had professional running photos taken in Erie.
In May, I ran the Pittsburgh Marathon while still injured.  I wrote and gave a speech on how running changes you. I not only ran the Mars Band on the Run 5k but I organized about 20 NA-YGN members on teams for it. Dave and I both gave our notice to work. My last day was May 31. We also put our house on the market. My parents had a nice going away party for us.
In June, we traveled to California to find a place to live. I ran a leg in the Laurel Highlands Ultra Relay. I got an award at work for all my hard work volunteering. We moved out of our house and to California but into temporary housing. Poly hated flying. Dave started at Google. Dave and I tried a lot of new and mostly scary restaurants.
In July, we moved into our apartment. I can't believe I live in California. I spent forever unpacking and trying to fit a big house full of stuff into a tiny apartment. I spent some time applying for jobs. I ran for the first time at Bay Trail.
In August, I missed out on a friends visit because I no longer live in PA (so I photoshopped myself into the picture). I had dinner with relatives of relatives. It was so fun to get out of the house and talk to someone besides Dave. I started doing nerdy things with my running files but didn't really think they were nerdy.  I finally got an interview. Too bad I thought it went better than those interviewing me did.
In September, I started watching TV nonstop. I started staying up all night and sleeping for about 2 hours starting after Dave woke up for the day. I'd go through an entire TV series in a week. I pulled a couple all nighters and I had only ever done 1 before in my entire life. I started gaining weight.
In October, I continued to gain weight and watch a lot of TV. I also continued to get yelled at by Dave for constantly watching TV. He even threatened to make it so Netflix wouldn't work in the middle of the night so that I would actually sleep. We found buyers for our house. (Well the realtor did.)
In November, I finished gaining weight but didn't seem to loose any of it. We closed on our house. We had to close later than expected because of Hurricane Sandy causing PA to be a state of emergency. I went rock climbing and had so much fun even though it was scary. I crocheted a baby afghan for my friend, Jen. I became far less depressed. My other friend, Jen visited.
In December, I bought some new jeans because I got too fat for most of my old pairs. I got pretty good at lugging a lot of groceries up to our apartment. We bought bikes. I couldn't afford to visit home for the holidays because plane tickets got insanely high. I started entering clothes in my new clothes database.

You can also look at my running in 2012 or my weight graphs posts for other information.

What are some highlights to your year?

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  1. I did a post similar to this, too. It's neat to see everything that's happened in the last year, and it makes me happy that I blog so I can remember it all. I hope 2013 finds you a job, and some happiness. And you're not fat ;)

    1. I'll check your post out. It is neat to see it all and I was glad I blogged so I had it. I missed a lot of days in Sept-December. More days than I missed the previous 2 years.