Sunday, March 13, 2011

March 12 and 13 - Lazy Days

I left the house a few times on Saturday and Sunday and yet I never put on presentable clothes or a bra. I wore yoga pants both days. I did put on clean yoga pants/t-shirt on Sunday after my run.

Saturday I missed my workout. I was going to lift weights.  I watched TV. We got Season 6 of Weeds from Netflicks and basically once you start that show you have to keep going.  We only watched 10 episodes though.
We left the house around 4:00 to go to McGuinnis Sisters to buy some groceries to make potato soup. We bought it, came home, and made the soup.  We ate the soup and watched TV.  It wasn't that good. Dave put too much pepper in it and it felt like it was burning my mouth.  I didn't actually realize it was just the pepper until Sunday.
Poly forgot to turn on the Kindel
The soup (better pics on other camera but didn't upload them yet)
I blogged a lot but then it was time for bed. Then I realized it was really time for bed because I was meeting a friend at 7:30 to run and we were changing the clocks. I did only get 5 hours and 45 minutes of sleep. It wasn't the best, but I guess it was good enough.

Sunday, I woke up, ran, showered, played on my computer, did some yoga, watched TV, went to Boston Market to get food, ate, and watched TV.
Now it is 8:50 and I'm ready for bed.  With the clock change, I should think it is 7:50 and not bedtime but my body says bedtime so I am going to listen. I will go to watch Biggest Loser in bed and play a little gameboy then fall asleep. Hopefully I fall asleep soon.

Poly gets in the way when I do yoga
I was trying to do some additional stretches and Poly came over and sat in my triangle.
Now it is Poly's turn to do some yoga.
I brought work home this weekend to do and did not do it.  I wanted to alter my one shirt to make it fit right but didn't do that.  I wanted to clean up my craft room but didn't do that.

What did you do this weekend?

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