Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Day's Worth of Twitter

09:12:54 AM - I love scheduling blog posts. 2 posted yesterday and I wrote 0. One will post today around lunch too... I wrote it a few days ago.
09:48:56 AM - I didn't know they pulled this crap on men's pants too. I've been saying it about women's clothes for years. size!=#
10:56:56 AM - @briecs Also no wonder I like H&M sizing the best.
11:18:47 AM - @briecs are you car shopping during your work day? I love my hatchback. It was more expensive but it has a ton more leg room the the sedan
12:59:51 PM - so the washer did not leak. and this came out of the washer. wonder if it was related.
03:59:42 PM - my sewing machine carrying case arrived today. too bad it wasn't the sewing machine itself.
04:17:19 PM - dr asman's office called me to say I'm overdue for an allergy shot. they wanted to know if I still wanted them. hmmm. i said yes though.
04:33:27 PM - Poly is playing fetch with Dave again.
05:10:25 PM - Never put off your run because things come up and you don't get to go do it :(
06:38:52 PM - Guess where I am
06:52:57 PM - Just finished my first course
07:08:41 PM - Course 2
07:22:27 PM - Pirates are losing. What else is new. Atlanta already has 3 in the first.
07:36:49 PM - Bases loaded and the batter gets out. Too bad there were already 2 outs.
08:05:40 PM - They need to pull our 3rd baseman. Good thing I can't remember his name so I don't know who to hate.
08:20:59 PM - Worst game ever.

You can find me as @smilincolleen on Twitter.


  1. You're way better at tweeting than I am. I manage to fit it in oh...once a month. My blog however is a different story. I'm completely addicted to it.

  2. Well getting my tweets to my blog helped. My husband did that. I hate how twitter doesn't have an archive and it's hard to see the old ones. I barely used it because of that. Since it's on my blog, I try to tweet more. It also helps me remember what I did so that when I blog at the end of the day or the next day, I can look at my tweets and look at my pictures and work from there.