Saturday, September 4, 2010

How I wore it - The Shirts

It looks like most of the time I wore my white shirt that I wore my red shoes. I could have easily worn my purple shoes. But the red ones are just so much cuter. I feel like the pictures look good with my shirt tucked in but when I'm walking around at work, that it doesn't look so good. My favorite is Day 26. What is your favorite?
I love every time I wear this shirt from Express. I have a blue version of the same style. I should iron that shirt and wear it next week. Do you like Day 15 or Day 25 better?

Day 3 I didn't even wear to work, so my coworkers probably only think I wore this shirt once. I like Day 20 because I wore a necklace. Which do you like better?  I feel like I'm asking do you like all these shirts with my black skirt or my black and white skirt so overall tell me which you like better with all these different shirts.
 Oh boy I'm torn again which one I like better. Which outfit do you like better?
 I like 16 better than 29.  Which do you like better?
I like Day 19 the best. I could finally actually pick one. Which do you like better?
I'm shocked I only wore the red shirt once. How do you like it with the red shoes? What other ways do you think I should have mixed in this red shirt?
 I kind of hate both of these. I hate Day 11 less.  What do you think? I wore this shirt in my anniversary photos and I didn't hate it so bad then.
I really like both of these. I think if I really had to choose I would choose Day 7. What do you think?
I like both of the times I wore my turquoise shirt. I mainly like how I wore nice necklaces. Which outfit do you like better? Which necklace? I bought both necklaces on the same day.
I only wore my brown shirt once. Were there any other combinations I could have created based on my 30 items? 


  1. Hi, I don't have a photo of me wearing my hand made skirt yet but I will get one up some time this week for you as i have worn it a few times already. Like all your 30 for 30 combo's. I have yet to post my last 5 looks!

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  2. In response to your questions, as best I could:
    26, 25, 20, I'm torn, 29, 6, would have done the red shirt with grey pants in 17, 11, 17, 21.

    I don't know what else you could have done. I am lazy. But! I liked a lot of them!

  3. 29 was blue shirt, 6 was pink shirt.

    I think they got out of order or something. I am bad with scrolling down and back up without getting lost.