Thursday, September 16, 2010

Photo of the Day - Poly in the Window

Coming up the driveway on my way home from work, I look up and see Poly in the window. Of course I had to stop and get out my camera and take her picture.  She's on a table in my craft room.
After I drove into the garage I went outside to take a few more pictures of her.  She didn't move.

Then I get inside and she hears the door open and comes running. She misses us when we are gone at work.


  1. I just realized this, but I think you guys are the only people I know who actually follow the, "Your cat has to have a collar and tag just like your dog would," rule.

  2. Well it does have bells on it and so we take it off while we sleep so we break the rules. I just say we should get a new one w/o the bells. She's like a ninja w/o hearing her coming though.