Wednesday, September 1, 2010

How I wore it - The Dresses

I wore my NY&Co dress twice. I thought I would wear it once because I need a cardigan to wear it to work. But I wore it a day I telecommuted. I didn't wear shoes that day so I took the picture without them. I couldn't have my daily picture be a lie. Based on no shoes, I can't legitimately ask you to vote on a favorite one. I do like my legs with pantyhose (day 4) better than my legs without (day 22).
I like the pink cardigan better but the white shoes better. I don't know. The picture for day 18 is blurry so it doesn't do it justice. I can' believe I forgot a necklace on day 18.  Day 9 is the day I almost wore a white belt but someone scared me off from wearing it. No pantyhose in day 9.
Which do you like better?
Note: while wearing these very loose fitting dresses, stand with my legs straighter for the picture to appear thinner.
I'm thinking Day 1 is the only day I wore my hair differently out of the entire challenge. If I had a red necklace, day 1 would be my favorite, but since I don't day 13 is.  Day 24 was what I wore to a wedding. 
Which is your favorite. 
This was on July 23.  Day 5 of the challenge. The only time I wore this dress (for the challenge.) I wore the dress and the shoes on the weekends but I could not double up outfits so I didn't count those towards the 30.

Which dress do you think is the best to wear?  Can these dresses be worn year round or are they just for the summer? I think the black and white one can be worn year round and I'm not sure about the rest. I wish I knew. 


  1. I meant to respond to this forever ago...
    I think they could be worn year round. Layering button downs or sweaters under, wearing tights under, stuff like that, you could do a lot with all of them.

  2. I definitely like all the ones with pantyhose more. Your legs look great. You should wear dresses all the time.

  3. Your legs look great bare, but the pantyhose really do complete the outfit!