Monday, November 8, 2010

A Day's Worth of Twitter

12:00:39 AM - #30x30 round 2 is up. took 1.5 hours to pick clothes and write post.
12:01:27 AM - 16 followers on my blog. 10 min ago it was 15. I wonder if i can set up to get an email when I get a new follower.
12:01:40 AM - also is there a way to tell how many people follow you with google reader?
12:45:35 AM - @DaizyCh in echofon you have to click on mentions to see if people talk at you.
11:34:55 AM - ate a bagel and cream cheese for breakfast. i ate grapes an hour ago. now i'm eating my lunch bagel and cream cheese.
12:13:52 PM - and it doesn't even help. RT @katy_rose1: I gave in and took some Dayquil today... GROSS!! Now I remember why I try to never take medicine.
01:45:01 PM - my new cardigan comes unbutton right and left today.
02:27:43 PM - @DaizyCh the funny part is i find these buttons so hard to button but so easy to unbutton.
09:36:36 PM - #30x30 Day 1:
10:37:33 PM - Their kicker keeps trying to imitate Reed. Also Reed made a 53 yd field goal can't believe it.
11:03:29 PM - Wow. Randle el. What a TD pass.
11:23:56 PM - Football is on too late at night. Ugh
11:32:16 PM - Now that's the Reed I know. Hate
11:46:09 PM - I was ready for bed at 9:30 but these stupid steelers.

You can find me as @smilincolleen on Twitter.

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  1. hey Colleen - to find out how many people follow you in Google Reader you just need to follow yourself and then at the top (under where it says Expand/List) you need to click on "show details". There it will tell you the number of subscribers. Just subtract one (for yourself) and that's your number of subscribers!