Friday, November 5, 2010

Friend Friday: Beauty

This week we're veering more toward the beauty side of things and talking about the growing trend of going all natural by eliminating shampoos, soaps, deodorant, etc... ModlyChic wrote a short piece on this and was surprised to see the number of comments it has gotten. In case you missed it the NYT over the weekend had an article entitled the Great Unwashed, which is all about this growing trend.

So here goes this week's questions:
1. The move to do away with soap, shampoo and deodorant has been growing in popularity in the last year. What are your thoughts on this trend?  I actually didn't know about it until I got the questions and then looked at the links mentioned.  Katy's last questions ("Could you forgo deodorant? What about only showering two or three times a week and washing your hair even less often?") and I thought no but yup. I didn't know about the "benefits" or the thoughts about not doing it.

2. Be honest how often do you wash your own hair? It is very much depending on how often and how hard I workout. 3-4 times a week if I'm not working out but days I run and lift or run or do body combat, I'm basically dripping in sweat and immediately shower.  I wash my hair in 99% of my showers. Some weeks I end up washing my hair 8 times.  Once I showered at night and went to the gym in the morning... big mistake.  my hair was still damp and then I worked out and had to shower and wash my hair again. If your hair is still wet, you shouldn't be washing it again.  I just didn't plan ahead.  I'd say when I was sick over the weekend, I washed my hair Friday and then not again until Monday.

3. Have you tried to go the more natural route by forgoing shampoo? What happened? Or would you be tempted to try it? No. Not really.

4. What products do you use and have you ever gone with more organic alternatives? Panteen Pro-V for shampoos and conditioners.  I've used that since elementary school.  I have used the same deodorant since 9th grade and for the life of me I can't remember the name right now. Temporary block but I'll update the post with it later.

5. What about that daily shower? Would you forgo that opting to shower three times a week instead?  I would so do it if I didn't sweat like crazy while exercising.

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