Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 26 - Yellow (10.26.10)

Shirt: Macy's (10/8/10)
Cardigan: Target (10/1/10)
Skirt: Macy's (10/8/10)
Boots: Famous Footwear (9/21/10)
Tights: Target (10/1/10)
Belt: Target (8/10)
Necklace: Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe.  I forget. I have had this necklace for 1.5 years and never wore it. (2/28/2009)

Out of comfort zone items: Tights, Belt outside of cardigan, and Necklace
Tights because I never wear them and am 90% scared of them
Belt outside of cardigan because I had only done that a couple times before (OK maybe only once) and today was the first time I tied the belt in a little knot.
Necklace because I had it so long and the length is awkward on most shirts and I didn't know if it matched my outfit when I wore it.  After I got to work, I emailed a picture to Nicole and she told me it was OK so then I felt better about the rest of my day.

Also boots are still half out of my comfort zone. They used to be out of it. They also were definitely out of it for work.  Who knew I did so many things in one day.
I believe I'm getting better at buying and trying to do things out of my comfort zone. Pretty soon they will be my comfort zone and then I'll have to branch out even more. Scary.

I got up early and did my hair. I used a mixture of Kendi's and Sydney's hair tutorials and a mixture of what I always do.  OK I did what I always do except I used sculpting gel for the first time. My mom gave it to me. I would have used it anyway.
And I started near the middle instead of pulling the curling iron closer to the edges.
And I didn't allow myself to even brush it just once.

The bad part was by the time I was done with the left side, the right side was already flat. I quickly sprayed the left and had to re-curl the right. I quickly sprayed it and took pictures before it fell out.  By halfway through the day, it only looked like I curled the ends of my hair.

It took 20 minutes to curl, but I showered in the morning to use the sculpting gel so then I had to dry it completely so I think it added 30 minutes to getting ready in the morning.  Is it worth it?  I like my hair like this. My husband does not. He likes tight curls like when I had a perm (like in 2005).
Most of the curls are already gone
Closeup of boots and tights
I worked then I went to body combat and chiseled core.  Man that was rough. It was a new release for me for Body Combat. Then I hadn't been to a chiseled core class in ages.
The workout was so rough that my hair didn't stay up. I refixed my ponytail about 8 times.
Then I had Wendy's for dinner.
After dinner, I watched TV and had a friend. Poly sometimes likes me.

She even hung out under my feet.

Trying to take pictures of my shoes and Poly gets in the way
After taking pictures of my shoes I took pictures of Poly. The pictures of the shoes were for my guest post about shoes.


  1. I love all your outside your comfort zone things. This outfit works so well!

    Mad Dress Game

  2. Should I write about my outside my comfort zone things all the time?

  3. I like this outfit, too (But I already told you that!). That necklace really is the perfect pop of color, and the boots are great with that skirt!

  4. I like the out of my comfort zone thing - it definitely adds something to the outfit posts.