Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Top Knot

I did a Top Knot today based on Sydney's tutorial. (well she calls it a bun but prior to her calling it a bun I called it a top knot so that's what I'm still calling it)

Some notes:
I teased and teased and it looked alright. But then I brushed the front to make it go into a bun and it got rid of most of the teasing so I would just skip the teasing in the front.

Actually once the bun was up, I think it looks the same as non-teasing bun on my head.   I lost most volume. I couldn't really change the height or width of it.

My hair is long but not that long so tons of hair fell down from the back with a ponytail so high on my head. (Refer to first picture at the top of this post.)

I needed a ton of bobby-pins because my hair has no texture like it has when it is permed and so each grouping of hair needed to be pinned. It was not staying put on it's own at all. It was not sticking to other hair.

I didn't use hairspray because this was just a test run before I actually wear this all day or leave the house with my hair like this.

I don't really ever like my hair up. I have too many little hairs all around my head so I don't know if I'll actually ever do this or not.

It looks much better on Sydney so everyone else should try it.

Side note: under my eyes looks super wrinkled like I'm old.  I guess that's what 10 hours of sleep does to you.


  1. I like it! It looks pretty and put together!!

  2. Well thanks even though I think all the loose hairs always make it look like a mess or stupid. Actually with more longer hairs falling down, you can't see the dark little hairs all around my neck