Sunday, November 21, 2010

I ran 2.5 miles... finally (11/17)

I ran during lunch.  I ran 2.53 miles. That doubled the distance I've run since the Great Race.


Pace:16:36 (min)    09:47 (avg)    05:35 (max)
Speed:3.61 (mi/hr) (min)    6.13 (mi/hr) (avg)    10.71 (mi/hr) (max)

Everyone might be confused at the title of this blog since I never find time to scrapbook and I haven't been running lately.  I plan to change that and get back to running.  At least my knee doesn't seem to bother me at all anymore.

I am scared because I am registered for the full marathon May 15. I ran my first half last year. All the training plans that I look at start the plan in January but they say you should be running 15 miles a week before January.

Mile 2 was faster than mile 1.  Mile 2 was 90% uphill.  My 1 was maybe 30% downhill.  I could check the iMapMyRun stats to see what it says for elevation but I'm just going by what I feel.

iMapMyRun and I have a love/hate relationship.  It won't tweet my time at 2 mile intervals anymore. It won't tweet it at the end.  It doesn't find my location anymore when I'm saving it. It doesn't upload to facebook.  For awhile it was tweeting it at 2 miles and it stopped.  It started speaking my stats at 2 minute intervals again.  It stopped that for awhile but started back up.  I get so much data out of it.
Does anyone have issues with iMapMyRun?

I told Dave my final stats after my run and he told me it was slow. :(  That's what I get for not running for months.

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