Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Day's Worth of Twitter

07:36:35 AM - I hit snooze at 6;30 and all of a sudden it is 7:30
02:34:22 PM - I already ate lunch... twice. and I'm hungry.
02:40:50 PM - Some people want their butts bigger. (I am not one of them) RT @kendieveryday: Hey Target...WTH is this?
02:57:00 PM - Today is the first time calling Thanksgiving Turkey Day has annoyed me. I don't know why. Someone probably said it annoyed them.
03:02:42 PM - I did that on 10 and 11 RT @FashionMomma22: I wore two outfits in one day! I'm so ambitious! #30x30 12 & 13:
03:04:06 PM - @briecs Maybe they only want a temporary butt lift? I wonder who actually wears those so I can find out.
03:05:14 PM - @briecs I haven't heard you call it Turkey Day or maybe it didn't annoy me. But today I heard it a million times so now I'm annoyed.
03:29:06 PM - @mikecherepko I have not gone with things 'cause they wanted to talk on the phone. If I can RSVP to something on-line I'm more likely to go
04:39:42 PM - Traffic is bad
05:29:48 PM - Stupid car inspection. You get it done within the 2 months before and now loose months and have a new inspection month. Stupid
07:24:07 PM - Poly keeps tickling me.
08:07:43 PM - The washer is done but Poly is on my lap and she looks super cute so I'll wait until she gets up on her own.
09:57:08 PM - Just watched 3 episodes of Life Unexpected and I'm all out.

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