Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day 28 - Blue (10/28/10)

Shoes: Famous Footwear - $30 - 2009 - Connie
Skirt: Ann Taylor
Shirt: Ann Taylor Outlet
Necklace: A Christmas present a few years ago.
My thigh highs were fine at home. I got to work and went to my meeting and on the way the left one started to slide down.  Then it got to the point that I couldn't even stand up without them sliding down.  I could not take it.  I ran across the street to Target and bought some pantyhose.  I felt great.   I changed them.  I get to my desk and realize my foot really does hurt.  I look down and it is scraped from my shoe.  I think the removing my thigh highs and walking really fast were not a good combination in these shoes.

My pantyhose were already on. I got a bandaid and took off my right leg of pantyhose and put on the bandaid. I put it on too tight. I tried to fix it and tore the bandaid. I salvaged it.  The plastic bandaid was not good. It hurt. There was no bend to it.

As you can tell my day was great.   I lasted until I got home and changed bandaids to a nice cloth one. I also got out of those shoes.
During the work day my friend told me she had on a nice outfit. I forget what she said about it. But I told her to take a picture. She didn't have a camera. I told her to come to my cube and I would take it.  She actually walked over and so we went to a conference room and I took her picture.  If only she did an outfit of the day post, she could have used it.  I've taken my picture in this same conference room before.

I did not workout. That always bums me out.  I just was too exhausted in the morning.  After work, I was going to a happy hour with a few coworkers.  We went to Primanti's.  There were 3 of us. I ordered food. Then later some more showed up.  I ordered food then too.


  1. Ugh what a bummer to have to go through all that today! But the rest of your outfit looked cute an classy!

  2. Thanks. I seem to always wear this skirt with this shirt and vice versa even though I have other stuff that would go.

  3. Thank you for taking my picture! It's funny, I have TONS of photos of me dressed for work now but I never upload them. I have them on John's computer now, mostly, but I am bad at putting them up.

  4. put them up... even if it's just one post with them all.
    you could use picasa to crop them. oh that would be the best post ever. do it.