Monday, November 8, 2010

Stampin' Up Classes

I often have Stampin' Up Classes or Parties.  I would say I have about 1 a month but then there are 2 dates for that same thing. For how often I take pictures, I'm surprised I only took pictures during one class.
(And then I forgot to post the pictures at that time.)

This is about what all Stampin' Up classes look like but sometimes there are as many as 10 people around the table or as few as three people.  Snacks are in the middle of the table and then the rest of the table ends up being taken up by supplies and cards.

In the picture with me I meant to be gluing on a sheet of paper but I just couldn't not look at the camera so that's why I'm there smiling.

Nicole was at the techniques class shown above but I didn't even get a picture of her.  Next time.

You can see my tripod in the background from when I took my daily photos.

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