Tuesday, November 16, 2010

11/1/10 - Gray but swapping it out for later

I actually showered and changed clothes.  Into different pajamas. I made sure they included gray but I'm swapping it out for the Gray I wore Wednesday in my overall Summary.
Shirt: Fall Crawl free T-shirt September 1995
Hoodie: Walmart during college.
Pants: VS Yoga pants but not the folderover kind.  The foldover kind are much better.
Poly still kept me company. 
I did not go to work. 
I was a vegetable pretty much the entire day. I did exhaust myself taking a few pictures of inside my closet so then I knew I couldn't do any of that.  I was so sick that I wasn't even jagging around* at my computer all day. 
I told my husband white day was yesterday. He wore black the day before. I told him he was all messed up. He disagreed with my statement saying the challenge should be to just wear what is on top in the drawer without questioning it or wondering if it matches the shorts/pants that were on top. 
*Jagging around is Pittsburgeeze for clowning around or messing around.  When I used the phrase above, did anyone know or not know what it meant?  I actually usually say it jaggin' without the g.


  1. I knew what you meant!! :) I'm from Latrobe. I always find myself using "out-out". That's the one that's stuck with me.

  2. I can't think of an instance for out-out so I don't think I've heard it.

    I use yinz way more now than I did before I went to college which I find funny.