Sunday, November 14, 2010

30 for 30 Outfit 6: Saturday, 11/13/10

Cardigan: NY&Co.
Sleeveless shirt: Macy's
Skirt: Macy's
Tights: Target (premium ones. they are the best of the 6 pairs I've tried)
Boots: Famous Footwear.
Necklace: Forever 21

When I was picking out my 30 for 30 I asked my husband if this cardigan went with this skirt. They are both neutrals so I assumed it was a no brainer that they went. Well he said they didn't go.  Well I didn't believe him.

This is the most comfortable way to wear tights for me and it is still out of my comfort zone.  Perhaps because boots are slightly out of my comfort zone too.

Saturday started off with a Stampin' Up class that lasted 3.5 hours. Guests told me I looked nice. I think to them I looked extra nice since the last time I had a class on a Saturday, I was still in my yoga pants.

Then I read some blogs and did some things around the house.

At 5:00, a bunch of us (11) went to the Hofbauhaus. It was fun to see people I normally don't see but it was miserable because the music was too loud and we were right there by the speaker.  I had a headache and I hurt from yelling so the person could hear me that was beside me.  I think this is a sign that I'm old.
My mom's friend and my scrapbooking buddy, Lori, and her husband, Tom
The yodeler 
Me with my mom and dad
My brother, Tim, and my husband.
Dave hated it so bad that when we were about to leave, he went to the restroom, and right after that he headed to the bookstore. They were having a going out of business sale so then he went to Goodwill. I don't think he's ever been to a Goodwill since I've known him.  Then I had lots of issues finding him and getting to the car.   Also leaving, I didn't know how to get out of the garage and get back to where I needed to go and he said that was my problem.   Note in the picture he refused to smile.

Don't get used to these photoshopped pictures.  Photoshop has sucked the time out of my weekend.  I won't have the luxury of the extra time during the week. If I take more pictures, I edit more pictures, and then I have to choose between way too many pictures.  I should go back to taking 2-4 pictures and posting them all.


  1. duh, that cardigan and skirt totally go together. nice pops of color with the shirt and necklace. husbands are not always right (and neither are boyfriends), unfortunately! er.. fortunately!

  2. Usually my husband is pretty good. But he thought since the skirt was brown and black that the winter white wouldn't go as well as the brown I normally wear... but it's 30 for 30 so I can't just go with the best combination.

  3. I haven't made it that far on Kendi's list yet - I'm only on the M section. So far I've run into about 10 (max) blogs where the links don't work! They could be linked wrong, of course, but why offer to participate if they're just deleting their own blog!

    Frustrating because I want to see other people's combos too :)


  4. Kat, I follow them in reader and had to get rid of a few because they didn't have a single thing to do with 30 for 30.

    I did find a few new favorites on the list though.

  5. I've found a few that I absolutely adore too! I didn't want to subscribe to the whole reader feed because over 300 blogs to follow while I already have about 150 new posts per day to read - well, I'd be limiting myself on any fresh air during the day!

  6. It is a lot. As I read them I move them up and down the list. Ones I like better at the top. I haven't had the nerve to remove people from the list yet. Some don't update at all so then it's not bad.

    I have too many unread reader posts though.