Monday, November 22, 2010


Tank: Old Navy
Cardigan: NY&Co. (years ago)
Skirt: NY&Co
Shoes: Sears
Earrings: Kohl's

Out of my comfort zone:
Shoes with laces worn with a skirt.  This might be the first time I did this ever. Audi does this often. So do other people. I never like it because it's not the norm.  I like my foot having support like in a shoe or boot so I thought I'd give this a try.  I can walk even faster in shoes like this than in my normal 4" pumps.  I don't know how well I like it though.   Maybe it would have been better if the shoes weren't so shiny.

The ruffles on the purple tank are also way out of my comfort zone.  You can't even tell they are ruffles in any of these pictures though. See October 29 to better see the ruffles.

I don't like the cardigan but I didn't have other options and I wanted to wear my new tank from Old Navy.

What do you think of the shoes? How about the tank?

After work I had a Pampered Chef Part at my house.  The consultant made all the products seem purely awesome.  She's a good saleswoman. Dave said he even wanted the stuff and he was upstairs and could only hear about half of what she was saying.  Everyone left by 9:30 and it took until 10:30 for the consultant to pack up her stuff and leave. I was TIRED.  Also the consultant was supposed to arrive at 6 for a 7am party start. She didn't show up until 6:30.  I fell asleep sitting in my chair waiting for her to arrive.  I left the dining room half a mess for this party.  We were going to be in the family room anyway. I didn't offer tours to anyone since the upstairs was a mess.
I took one picture with my timer and it turned out poorly. I asked my husband to quickly take a few more. He did.


  1. Those shoes remind me a lot of a pair I had in high school that were similar but not shiny. It took a lot of courage for me to ever be able to wear them with skirts or anything. Initially, I just got them because my mom liked them. I called them my Witch Shoes. Eventually I came to like them a lot, and was sad when the heel on one finally broke. They were very soft leather and really comfortable.

  2. I had a brown pair in middle school but only wore them with pants. then nobody had any like them after a few years so I stopped wearing them.
    I used to buy clothes/things that other people liked and I didn't actually like them. I try to avoid that now but it still happens.

    I do think I referred to myself as a witch in these. But I also call my one pointy black shoes my witch shoes. Sometimes I tell people I felt like being a witch today so I wore them. ha.


  4. Angel - That's just my natural hair; it's not straightened or anything. But it is a bit disheveled